Wow! Glory to God!

It’s a brand-New Year!

I’m excited to see you here in 2018.

God’s grace abounds much more towards us all. It’s a season of Light; as sons will accurately express their Father!

It’s a New Dawn saints!

It simply means; more God, in-depth study of The Word, stronger fellowship with the Spirit, more good works, fiercer evangelism; we must do the works of Him that sent us. The Ministry must and will press on!

The Word of God is our guide; we need IT to walk in and through the maze called life.

The Psalmist said in “Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” We cannot really live our lives successfully as believers if we are not given to The Study of God’s Word.

2018 has to be a different year. I’d just like to briefly share a few tips that could aid and encourage a good bible study habit.

I’d love to spell this out clearly; THE BIBLE IS NOT BORING! Contrary to popular belief. A lot of people have this mentality (I used to think that too) which is basically wrong.


Discipline – If you really examine yourself, you’d find out that one of the things making it quite difficult to read The Word is lack of self-discipline. We all know how we stay up so late to Study for that 4unit course exam, or deny ourselves good sleep to complete that final episode of our favorite TV Series. If we treat The Bible with such priority, it’ll be a whole lot easier. Set clear goals and stick to it.

Pick a Good Time & a Good Place – This is also very important. You wouldn’t want to pick a time that someone is always yelling your name to attend to one thing or the other. So choosing a suitable time is paramount. Also pick a quiet place with little or no distractions.

Leave your Gadgets alone – I caused a frown there, didn’t I? I know this is hard, but remember our first point? Self-discipline. You can’t possibly study your Bible with messages constantly flooding your devices. You’re not superman, you are most likely going to be distracted; so keep them as far away from you as possible.

Get other Versions – The King James Version is probably the most popular version of the Bible. I had trouble getting over the ‘thees’ ‘thous’ ‘Verily Verilys’ and so on. The KJV English was a challenge for me then. It was what made me fall asleep just 5minutes into reading my Bible. So it’s advisable to get a simpler version, I’ll recommend Amplified Bible (AMP) or The Message translation. But don’t get rid of your KJV just yet, use the other versions for easier understanding.

Pray – Ask God to give meaning and interpretation to The Word you study. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to things you’ve never seen before. You cannot be successful in studying scriptures without the help of the Holy Spirit. Prayer works!

Study & Meditate – Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time with The Word. It could just be a Chapter of the scripture God will use to bless your heart at that moment in time. Think deeply on the words you study; the Holy Spirit will teach you.

Be diligent to present yourself APPROVED TO GOD, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth – 2 Timothy 2:15 (NKJV)

These steps are not set in stone. They’re just merely a guideline. Trust God to help you and He will. THE BIBLE IS PRIORITY! Read your Bible and Pray every day if you want to grow. God bless you!


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